STARLESS @ Melbourne Music Week 2017

Soundtracked live by yours truly.

For those​ willing ​to​ ​cross​ ​thresholds.


STARLESS is an exciting new frontier of multi-sensory live scored virtual reality experience, staged over five nights during Melbourne Music Week this November 17–21.

Moving beyond the limits of seeing and hearing, STARLESS utilises VR as a vehicle for sensory experience, inviting audiences on an unparalleled engulfing journey outside of their bodies.
Encompassing scent, heat, wind and a quadraphonic sound system, this radiant 15-minute multi-sensory experience innovatively recasts the VR headset as an audio-visual blindfold, blending physical and virtual spaces, guiding participants into an entirely altered state of consciousness.
Developed by director Ben Joseph Andrews in partnership with Liminal VR ( a pioneering Melbourne-based company fusing neuropsychology with virtual reality design ) and avant-garde musicians The Convoy, this unique deep dive experience pushes the limits of what ( virtual ) reality can and should be.

STARLESS will show from November 17-21 at the The Facility’s Dark Studio ( Rear ) 2 Chelmsford Street, Kensington.

We would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the traditional custodians of the land that this event is on and pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.

New Track – Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is an intricate 12 minute transmission where structures formed from chance bloom, cascading and expanding inward where Kinetoscopes propel the listener through currents of lucidly refracted mindscapes.

Scott McLatchie’s accompanying video work animates the interlacing undercurrents of emergence, chance and u/distpoia.

New Track – Heh

Greetings !

We are excited to share with you the first ( and eponymous ) track from our new album, Heh.


In support of their upcoming album release The Convoy (Melbourne) bring their expansive, immersive & mesmeric audio visual emissions to NZ for 3 performances in June.

1st – Wellington @ Valhalla ( Noise Drone Repeat )
2nd – Wellington @ The Pyramid Club, (w/ Haunts & I.Ryoko)
4th – Auckland @ The Wine Cellar (Borderline Music Festival)


Momentous Walls Of Noise

 Atmospheres immerse and envelop via abstracted, organic and mesmeric audio visual emissions.

Here exists a static surface tension, a perpetually that is intimately comforting, only to be inevitably obliterated by sheer and momentous walls of noise.