Greetings !

We are excited to share with you the first ( and eponymous ) track from our new album, Heh.


In support of their upcoming album release The Convoy (Melbourne) bring their expansive, immersive & mesmeric audio visual emissions to NZ for 3 performances in June.

1st – Wellington @ Valhalla ( Noise Drone Repeat )
2nd – Wellington @ The Pyramid Club, (w/ Haunts & I.Ryoko)
4th – Auckland @ The Wine Cellar (Borderline Music Festival)


The Convoy ​conducts vast luminous orchestral atmospheres by way of real-time processing of electric guitar and electro-acoustic percussives via ¼” tape.

Momentous Walls Of Noise

 Atmospheres immerse and envelop via abstracted, organic and mesmeric audio visual emissions.

Here exists a static surface tension, a perpetually that is intimately comforting, only to be inevitably obliterated by sheer and momentous walls of noise.

Sound as Utilitarianism

“The Convoy prefigure a post-apocalyptic world where sound takes religious significance. With soundscape as the surviving creative outlet in an industrial wasteland – harnessed as a form of meditation for the creators and a trance inducing prescription for a decimated populace.

This is sound as utilitarianism. Instruments fashioned as though the three Rs aren’t a philosophy but a necessity. This is noise without ego or pretension.

Like Brutalist Architecture celebrates the capabilities of concrete, The Convoy revel in the possibilities of industrial cast-offs normally relegated to the side of a highway.”

Sean J Verney ( Bitumen)